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Photo Gallery

Recent Projects Recent Projects Servicing paint booth 190011956 Servicing paint shop lighting 190011957 Shop lighting 190011958 Shop lighting 2 190011959 before adding lights for garage 190011961 after Lights added to garage 190011962 Landscape Entrance to backyard in carlsbad 196371793 Car Charge Station Car charge station for Chevy Volt 196371794 Floating TV Hiding wires done the correct way 196371795 RV Outlet Temporary RV outlet 196371796 Garage Sconce Lights 196371797 Bathroom Exhaust Fan Swapped out loud outdated exhaust fan with 4in duct to a new whisper quite fan with 6in duct 196371798 Art Light 196371799 196371800 Control Panel For Car Wash One of many fun projects done in this ground up carwash/ laundry mat/ office buildings project 196371801 Service Panel Meter Socket Repair Homeowner had issues with the power going out in most of the house periodically. With several years of experience we were able to locate and repair the issue with ease 196371802 Show Room Before Photo 196371803 Show Room After LED update and repair of track light system in showroom. Lighting is comparable to natural light to help aluminate colors in samples 196372148 Showroom After 196372149 Warehouse High bay lighting 400 Watt Metal Halide Warehouse lighting. 196372150 Office Light Servicing Lighting repair and update. Certain Kelvin Ratings of light increase productivity and mood in offices. Dim or off colored lighting have the opposite effects 196372151 More Warehouse Lighting 196372152