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Photo Gallery

what not to do what not to do Burnt Brand new $1800 motor wired wrong. Apparently a month old. They call us for all their electrical needs now. 189802530 Found at my house Wire was ran out of the front of the box and a cover was put over the top of it. 189802532 Splice A neutral wire spliced to breaker 189802533 Electric Stove This is the result of an apartment maintenance man attempting to cover up the box. One of them actually had steel wool (extremely Flammable) stuffed in the box and drywalled over. This is one of 7 units that I've seen so far 189802534 Wire nut? This is a bucannon splice for ground wire. Its used on the hot wire. Guess they ran out of wire nuts. 189802535 Over crowded box There are a limited amount of wires allow in each box. This box well exceeds this limit. This box has several different burn marks all over the box. 189802936 ? This was found in a kitchen wall. All splices should be in a box and accessible. 189802937 Sconce This light caught fire at some point. 189802938 unlicensed electrician The owner told us his sons friend did this. He told the owner it was simple job. Although he was right about it being a simple job he obviously didn't understand the scope of the work. He added three lights. I found NINE open air splices as a result of this. All splices should be in a box and accessible. 189802939